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Hi, welcome to Extreme Sports Products, I’m in my thirties and have worked in the engineering industry since leaving school, I started my career as an apprentice machinist and have worked my way up to a CNC programmer/design technician. I have been programming high quality aerospace components for many years now and I’m looking to branch out on my own.


I have a whole variety of ideas and designs that I want to develop, across a varied range of sports and hobby industries. I guess you would describe this as an up and coming cottage industry.

At the moment I have limited machining capacity due to the high set up costs of this type of work. However, I am equipped with many years of experience in an industry that demands absolute precision, top quality finish and innovative design and these are three of the many attributes that I aim to apply to all of my work.

Obviously, I cannot compete with the big boys on a commercial scale, so quality, fine workmanship and niche markets are my area of focus. I also choose to focus particularly on industries that I am passionate about, for example, mountain biking, motor biking and RC models. This means I know my subject well and can ensure that I am delivering a product that is practical, well designed, rugged and rigorously tested. I am constantly on the lookout for new ideas, so if you have been searching for something or have any ideas you want to share with me then please get in touch.

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